Wednesday, August 11, 2010

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

Hey guyss its Sade and as you know im moving out of state to GA ... i don't have much of a choice but its best for me as i have personal issue's to deal with. Everyday its getting harder and harder to accept that im leaving people that mean alot to me, I feel like im going to be all alone. I have many many acquaintances but only a few close friends. Girl groups are poisonous and will only break you down so i only hang with a selected few. My mains are Nneoma, the co-author of this blog and one of my very close dear friends and Korie (mariah) my best friend/right hand. They both mean alot to me and know me very well. I know for a fact when i move to GA i wont find any friends to replace them and i dont plan too. Nneoma has been very cold towards me since the day i told her i was moving and it hurts alot because its not making things any easier for me. At first i felt some type of way about her attitude but then i realized she's mad because im leaving her and i understand why she feels that way. Korie (mariah) on the other hand is handling it different she has just been very sad and that also makes me feel hurt because when someone very close to me hurts, i hurt for them. I hope that when i come back things will be the same but im very doubtful ... neither of them know about this post but i just hope they know how much ima miss them.
                                                             - Sade<3

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