Friday, February 25, 2011

Lease on Life Society. (L.O.L.S)

Recently, I've (Nneoma) done a shoot for a new and upcoming line called Lease ON life Society. This line was actually created by a friend of mine named Ev Bravado . What is Lease ON Life Society about? " Lease on Life Society is your perception on life, it is molding your life to what you want it to be. What makes you unique." -Words by the creator/founder himself Ev. Have a tumblr? Be sure to follow the official Lease on Life Society tumblr. Here are some pictures from the shoot, taken by a skilled photographer Joey. Also be sure to look out for Lease on Life Society's Spring 2011Collection !
The creator/Founder himself Ev Bravado modeling one of the L.O.L.S crewnecks.

Me modeling a navy blue L.O.L.S crewneck.

 "And remember, it's NEVER TOO LATE to renew your lease on life society. "

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The novelties of one generation are only the resuscitated fashions of the generation before last. - George Bernard Shaw

Nneoma went retro 80's babyy & Sade opted for a sheek grunge.

Nneoma's accessories portray her love for the 80's . From the huge gold 'door knockers' to her bright teal leggings. 

- 80's wind breaker (Mom's closet)
- Cotton teal leggings (H&M)
- Yellow watch (G-shock)
- Drape necklace
- Gold hoops
- Black scale docs (Dr. Martens)

' She's Bangin ! '

- Oversize wool sweater (Mom's closet)
- YSL tee (YSL boutique)
- Electric blue docs (Dr.Martens)
- Bandage skirt (Urban Outfitters)
- Faux fur purse
- Adrienne Vittadini scarf hanging from purse

Her huge oversize black wool sweater commands attention !

Style is primarily a matter of instinct. - Bill Blass

Scarf: Made by his mom :) (knitted(
* Just because its cold doesnt mean do away w. your scarfs' . They are just as much as an accessorie as sunglasses . 
 Shirt: Joy Rich
* Light weight for the warming spring, a nice jacket could top it off on a chilly day

This Winter has been BITTER + Harsh; however, It wont be this way for long. 
In no time Spring will come creepin in w. its rainy days & warm winds. 
With that being said it will soon be time for fella's to put their wool pea
 coats in the cleaners until next year. A friend of ours (mine & nneoma), Corey Smith
has already started preparing for the spring season ... 



Shoes: Moccasins (Sperry)
* What can I say ? your shoes this spring should be laid back yet clean 'cut' fellas. The rider boots in the winter were extravagant enough. This cool grey complements Cory's outfit .

Friday, February 18, 2011

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”-John Quincy Adams

 Ashton Raheem is an aspiring individual. With his style and swagg he's definitely setting trends and  inspiring people. And he is our new fresh style for "Style of the Week". :)


                                    1. Who inspires your style & why ?
 Kanye west, fonzworth bentley, janelle monae, because they show a very unique transcendent look, and they also show a very fearless & artistic image.
                 2. If you could wear an item or accessories all year round what would it be?
 I'd wear doc martens all year around, anything in black ;)

                                  3. How do you describe your style?

I would describe my style as being called evolution, its something that changes over a period of time for sure, I'd say I express the way I feel in the way I dress, I show a sence of fearlessness as well as confidence in the way I dress.

                                    4. Tell me anything.. (Hobbies, interest, dreams, aspirations etc.)

Love to shop, love the color black, I'm obsessed with janelle monae, my dreams are to become famous, & I'm just aspired to be a better me !


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It could all be so simple ..

a BLAST of outwear .

 - Marc Jacob creme coat
- Scarf (gift)

Saint Valentin . xoxo

Our outfit on Valentines Day . ( 2-14-11 )

- Leather bomber
- Comme de garcon tee
- Silence & Noise mini wrap skirt
- Pocka dot tights
- Electric blue docs
- Faux fur collar

- Black motorcycle leather jacket
- Comme de garcon tee
- Faux fur scarf
- Ray Bans
- Black pencil skirt
- Black scaley docs

LANVIN: Make it POP !

Luscious Shades + Exotic Skins: You just gotta have em' ! These are the new Spring '11 Lanvin flats, pumps etc. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

“Please do not have a fit in the fitting room. Your fashion life begins there.” - Florence Eiseman

In this look we went straight LA ! Nneoma did the LA Bohemian Hippie & I did the LA Grunge .

Nneoma's Look 
- 'Pocahontas' head band 
- Light washed jean shirt
- Floral tights
- Bootie moccasins 

Sade's Look
- Light washed studded jean jacket
- Elastic waist band cropped pants
- Baby pink Lacoste 'polo'
-Fossil charm bracelet

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” - Coco Chanel

Nothing makes me (sade) smile more than a ambitious, beautiful young woman. I mean its very rare that you find a female that know's where she wants to go and goes for what she wants #imjustsayin. Miss Anita Rivers is a designer, model & make-up artist. Hell, what can't she do ?

1. Who inspires your style & why ?
Kelis & Rhianna Both inspire me on so many levels..Kelis has always been the one to wear what she wants, when she wants & still till this day she will always be one of my Fashion Icons...Now rhianna, From here finger nails to tattoos, she has helped me realized that it is ok to be different, its ok to be bright & it is ok to be strange & not normal within this "FashionWorld"

2. If you could wear an item or accessories all year round what would it be?

Heels!!!! Im a heel person and I belive that every woman should be as well. Heels can change a person!! Once them Heels go on, they can make you Walk, Talk & Act different..& Plus im 4'11 so they make me taller!! :)

3. How do you describe your style?

My style is Vintage yet Urban. I love to mix HIGH & LOW prices when It comes to dressing & I tell people all the time " Its not about what you wear but how you wear it!!

4. Tell me anything.. (Hobbies, interest, dreams, aspirations etc.)
Anita Rivers, Born & Raised in the Bronx, 22Years Old. Will be graduating from The Art Institute of NYC for Fashion Design. Im a Designer, Makeup Artist & Model. The name of my collection is "Classic Royalty" I love to party & Dance the night away when I have free time. Im very friendly...I love meeting new people cause you never know , that person may be your Best friend,co worker or boss one day!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

There is just one life for each of us: our own. - Euripides

Our first style of the week is Jay Craft, a young black male with vision and style . I'm not sure how to define is style; however, something about him stands out amongst the rest. If you feel you have what it takes to be style of the week feel free to email us at with your best photos (outfits preferred) and why you feel your fashionable & different.

1. Who inspires your style & why ? My biggest inspiration is New York City.  I like cultural inspirations because its a conglomerate of what is taking place in many places & a viewpoint of what many different people classify as art.  New York is a melting pot of many cultural themes & expressions.  As an artist, I really try not to look to others for inspiration because I feel as if it dilutes my vision.  Styles I admire are Andre 3000, Russell Brand, Steven Tyler, Pharell & warriors I.e. samurai's, sultans etc.
2. If you could wear an item or accessorie all year round what would it be? I've been fortunate enough to live in a city where I've encountered incredible artist's with distinct visions. When it comes to anything I wear, I like to find pieces that are geared to what I want to portray.  This leads me to buy things in limited production, alter things, vintage shopping & w.e.  I'm not the type 2 cop a pair of LV shades just to be down.  I got a bracelet made to resemble a barbed wire affect by a great friend of my named Soull.  Her line of jewelry is called Alkemi9.  She's dope, she is who I turn to when it comes to Crafting for the Craft lol.
3. How do you describe your style? It's really hard to define a style, because I don't feel like I fit into a category in any aspect of my life, so I can't really place a label on it.  If I had to describe it in 5 words I'd say dynamic, ambiguous, eclectic, intrepid, kinetic.
4. Tell us anything.. (Hobbies, interest, dreams, aspirations etc.)  All of my ambitions are artistic.  I'm solely focused on career progression & legacy.  I've been working on Acting in theater since Jr. High.  The past 3 years I've ventured into film & television with modeling on The Tyra Banks Show & partying in an episode on How to make it in America along with other progressive but humble beginnings in other productions. I'm currently seeking representation & freely working on style ventures & choreography & music production.  I just wanna live & breathe art in any way for as long as I live.  I definitely have the ambition & interest, I guess I'm just focusing on the access.

If your interested in contacting him or exploring his endeavors further here is his FB .

Jay Craft