Sunday, February 20, 2011

Style is primarily a matter of instinct. - Bill Blass

Scarf: Made by his mom :) (knitted(
* Just because its cold doesnt mean do away w. your scarfs' . They are just as much as an accessorie as sunglasses . 
 Shirt: Joy Rich
* Light weight for the warming spring, a nice jacket could top it off on a chilly day

This Winter has been BITTER + Harsh; however, It wont be this way for long. 
In no time Spring will come creepin in w. its rainy days & warm winds. 
With that being said it will soon be time for fella's to put their wool pea
 coats in the cleaners until next year. A friend of ours (mine & nneoma), Corey Smith
has already started preparing for the spring season ... 



Shoes: Moccasins (Sperry)
* What can I say ? your shoes this spring should be laid back yet clean 'cut' fellas. The rider boots in the winter were extravagant enough. This cool grey complements Cory's outfit .

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