Thursday, May 10, 2012


Heyyyy guysss it's Sade :) I know I havent posted in like forever, almost a year actually but I swear im going to start updating daily. Sooo much has been going on in my life I honestly havent had the time but theres so much I want to share with my viewers. Ohhh yeeaaa before I forget - this is no longer a shared blog between myself & Nneoma, but instead its all mine. No its not because were not friends anymore, its just that the time has come were we do things independently. Nneoma is currently working on her online web show thats aired via youtube and her productivity never ends. (I apologize for the run-on sentence). But yea so check that out, she shares her own style tips and trends and theres even some comedy. But yea so Im planning re-doing this entire blog to suit me and please you guys. If anyone has any suggestions, inquiries or anything of that nature feel free to email me or message me via FB. Until next time, Peace, Love & Blessings.

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