Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The beauty of a scarf .

Sometimes people, both men and women get
frustrated when putting on there scarf.
There are so many ways to wear a simple 
scarf the possibilities are endless. 
No matter the size or material a scarf is an essential
during the winter; it adds that extra umphhh (smile) to your
outfit and also indirectly add' s to your confidence. 
Nneoma and I (Sade) good friend Marisa (Risa)
decided to wear a scarf in different ways. She is so gorgeous and
versatile in her style. Her daring nature allows her
to stand out amongst the crowd. Sometimes it may 
seem so difficult to get your scarf to look right; but its so simple. 
Be daring every once in a while and try something different with your scarf. Whether it be throwing it carelessly over your shoulder or 
carefully placing it around your head. As always Peace. Love and Blessings. - Sade .

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