Monday, January 31, 2011

Effortlessly sheek .

As myself (sade) & Nneoma stepped off the train to transfer to the next I could'nt help but notice this man waiting for the train. He looked a tad bit lost but yet his body language was very laid back. I shyly walked over to him and asked if it was alright with him if I took some pictures of him because I was digging his style. The puzzled look on his face made it clear to me he didnt speak much English so I gestured taking a picture with my hands. He agreed, unfortunately I wasnt able to get his name; email or any type of contact information. His lack of English and my train coming to a screeching halt wasn't helping. His grungy neatly tied boots accentuated the black sleek skinny jeans he wore. I liked the fact that he left his jacket open showcasing his vest and oversize scarf.

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