Saturday, January 15, 2011

' When the bold branches bid farewell to rainbow leaves - Welcome wool sweaters. ' - B. Cybrill

Love your outerwear. Dress up your outerwear. Inspire with your outerwear because in no time you'll be saying farewell Winter and hello Spring . 

Riss loves green this winter. I usually say go with a dark color just to be safe but Risa's bold green is the new black! The huge vibrant blue back pack and matching hat and mitten set just complete the look. 

oh look at this view ..

Cashmere and Riss <3

Kiajah  has such a simple yet attention grabbing look. 
With her very feminine puffer coat; the ruffled neck
 line and gorgeous belt around the waist; so POSH! 

Myself, Ki, & Riss (Left to right)

Nneoma, co-author of this blog, always the more sensible 
of us but yet the most enterprising of us all in her very 
short pea-coat; fur tightly wrapped around her neck; 
Some may find this look not-so-warm but I know one thing it's fetch !  
Anyone can wear a pea-coat but not everyone will
 stand out amongst the crowd of pea-coats.haha.

I-dont-know whats up with me this Winter and my new found love of fur; faux of coursee, I do have a heart :) .
But I must say Fur is a like a must-have this season. Whether it be a fox tail, a fur collar, a huge fur purse like myself. It does not matter just get some FUR lol .

Just a diamond in the ruff .


  1. i like the fox collar, that girl looks nice, but she could've did something about the socks, maybe threw on some bobby socks, which are meant for shoes like that, overall shes looks really nice, p.s. aim was the only way i can comment, DONT JUDGE ME.. lol

  2. Your right, I wanted another pair of sock but could not find any the morning I got dress "/